A sweet little idea

By Iain White
August 20th, 2014

For Oreo minis of course.

Couple of really cute components … a digital site called oreominidelivery  where 500 people per day (this week) can request a delivery of Oreo Mini’s for themselves or others and a video within that, which really cutesy-fies the product and reinforces the “mini-ness”.




Best Friends?

By Iain White
August 20th, 2014

After the well-deserved earnestness of the Kellogg’s Breakfast Clubs work from a few days ago, this casts breakfast in a very different light.

Yoplait’s “Best Friends”.

Having said that, I guess cereal manufacturers were the long-time masters of promotional items well before the likes of McDonalds or now Yoplait.

Made me smile … bit reminiscent of  Capri Sun which made a great campaign and case study a few years back (below too)

A sign of The Times

By Iain White
August 19th, 2014

Everyone talks about media proliferation and the impact of Digital on media habits. This week I believe digital adspend in the UK overtook TV spend. Phenomenal!  (Please correct me if I misread).

One thing that many people have forgotten talking about, maybe because its old news,  is the huge impact digital is having on print circulation. Especially as so much news is now free.  Interesting report here showing the trend from 2000 to 2013 in the UK, Canada and USA where daily circulations in those 3 countries previously at 45%-60% penetration are now at just 30%.

Interesting move from The Times/Sunday Times, that there are times that can’t be put into words … and charging a small fee for their app that includes video coverage.


Cute Work from M&S

By Iain White
August 19th, 2014

Some sweet work from the UK Retailer M&S.

For most of its history M&S did no advertising, now it is, its good to see it done well.

Very good casting, (especially I think in the first spot).



Breakfast For Better Days

By Iain White
August 18th, 2014

Its great to see someone doing something good, not just talking a good story.

Kellogg’s Breakfast clubs, launched under their “Breakfast For Better Days” campaign, is a great example.


In S. Africa 1 in 5 kids go to school without breakfast, and in UK/Ireland/Australia the figure is about 1 in 7.


Some of the communications work from the respective countries. It might not win creative awards but it wins my heart and really helps.



Family Sharing

By Iain White
August 14th, 2014

Sweet new campaign from Vodafone UK. “Family Sharing”.

Clever idea, all family members sharing one mobile data allowance. Very good casting, or maybe non-casting, they really feel like family members.


Arnie’s Back … in Austria?

By Iain White
August 13th, 2014

I just got back too, from Melbourne.

I was surprised to see this on TV.  A funny spot for real-estate with a huge star to boot. A rarity!


Having said this, this print work from down-under a year back is very funny too.

Forever Faster

By Iain White
August 12th, 2014

Puma via JWT NY, just launched its latest mantra “Forever Faster”.

The campaign celebrates sportsfolk who combine outstanding  performance with personality.  Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and a host of other “troublemakers” who enjoy risk and danger are featured.

Cute ending to this spot …


Nike Fuelband

By Iain White
August 5th, 2014

An interesting idea from Nike.

Rewards to their Fuelband users.  No cash or credit accepted, the vending machine exchanges Nike Fuel points for Nike goods.

The machine is in NY and being moved around the city to give more Nike uses the chance to enjoy a reward for their sweat. Short video below (sorry no sound)

Am a tiny bit worried if this is just a PR ploy. My understanding is that the Nike Fuelband itself is being greatly deprioritized within Nike, possibly as the co. moves closer to Apple and the rumoured iWatch.

I’ve had two Fuelbands and a Nike GPS watch.  All sadly are now no longer working and my 2 million plus  fuelband points a bit meaningless. Be great to exchange them for something. So Nike, please don’t limit the exchange program to NYC. Your users around the world would love to be able to do something similar.


Invisible Discrimination

By Iain White
August 2nd, 2014

A brave bit of work from “beyond blue” the antidepression charity in Australia around the theme of subtle racial discrimination against indigenous Australians.

Interesting to see the number of angry comments on youtube that it is discriminating against white people or maybe their action isn’t what it appears to be.  My simple answers (and yes I’m a white Australian too) are that a) This kind of behaviour is very common in many parts of Australia still (and far worse) and b) the whole of idea of the ad was about the “little voice in your head”, pointing out that this is one we need to be conscious of.

Australia great country, great people and the less discrimination there or anywhere, the greater life is.