More on Gaming

A few weeks back I posted a great report from Contagious Magazine, called “Most Contagious 2008″.  It covers the innovative in media, advertising, products, design, digital, etc etc.  I know everyone is super-busy, so in case you missed it, here’s another chance to enjoy it.  Yep, just click here.

Today I want to share another Contagious report, this one on Gaming.  Its from 12-18 months ago but still highly relevant (same consoles around and same trends, albeit with new games).

You might think us (well me) mad to talk about gaming.  No, its not a return to childhood in old age, nor total stupidity.  The gaming industry isn’t just a multi-billion dollar industry but where some clever marketing is going … think product placement, branded content.  Beyond that the newer consoles like xbox 360 and ps3 are increasingly becoming the media server through which ALL home media is being streamed … TV, Video, Music, Photos, Files, Games, anything digital.

Its an important industry.

Its our industry.

So if you are feeling industrious but want some fun, click here and reclaim your youth.


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